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Orthopedic/Orthodontic Mechanics I with Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S.

ORTHO 3 - Orthopedic/Orthodontic Mechanics I

Ortho 3 Training and Ortho Case Round Table with Clayton A. Chan, DDS
(The 3rd program in a Continuum Series of Special Courses - Meeting the Needs of Advanced Clinicians)

Course Description: “Orthodontics Level 3”
Prerequisite Course: General Dentist - OC Levels 1, 2, 3,4 and Ortho 2 (Initiation of Orthopedic/Orthodontic Treatment)
Orthodontic Specialist - OC Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Ortho 2
AGD Subject Code: 370 Orthodontics

The focus of this program is to give clinicians the next steps toward implementing orthodontic/orthopedic mechanics. Anyone who has only done Ortho 1 and 2 are highly encouraged to proceed with this course as it takes you not only through some review of diagnosis and basic orthodontics you have already undertaken, but it truly puts the many pieces together on how to sequentially approach GNM ortho, techniques and protocols at another level.  A half day will be spent on case presentation from participants to review treatment success and areas for improvement allowing treatment planning of difficult case. Cases started using orthosis therapy, class II crowded cases, and moderate cases using adjunctive treatments mechanics will be reviewed and discussed. This is like a mini-residency atmosphere as the doctors review their own cases together.  A lot of questions will be answered in these sessions.

Don't think you have to wait until you have many ortho cases under your belt to take this course.  This course information will go a long way to helping you in the process to move along toward completion in a methodical and appropriate way.
  • The Optimized K7/Myobite is an underlying theme to further the understanding of diagnosis and treatment planning of moderate to complex cases.
  • Treatment mechanics - Narrow arch form, Expansion protraction, Deep bite correction
  • CASE REVIEW session with Dr. Chan following the Diagnostic Records Template. (Note: Doctors are not required to present cases - optional).
  • Verticalization transitioning mechanics of the anterior matrix
  • Implementing anchorage systems
  • Anterior open bites
  • Class III correction mechanics
  • Managing the “Orthopedic Matrix” on the neuromuscular trajectory
Course Objectives:
  1. Learn the principles and gain competence to manage all jaw relationships involving 6 dimensional changes.
  2. Learn case selection to avoid the complex problem cases.
  3. Learn the diagnostic and treatment sequencing in managing the orthopedic orthotic matrix.
  4. Learn how to implement the full records gneuromuscular data gathering process.
  5. Learn how to control the vertical dimensions through the choices of verticalizing mechanics.
  6. Learn and understand the expansion, prortraction and retraction mechanics using fixed wires and removable appliances.
  7. Learn the scientific literature of maxillary remodeling, TMJ remodeling growth and development, and craniomandibular complex related to malocclusions.
  8. Learn the kinematic and cephalometric skeletal, dental and esthetic measurements.
  9. Learn the rules of anchorage systems and how to apply them in the orthopedic cases.
  10. Understand the orthopedic rules of anterior open bite and class III cases.
  11. Learn how to avoid TMD relapse and more…
You Will Learn:
  1. Diagnosing moderate cases and discussing treatment plans
  2. Treatment mechanics - Narrow arch form, Expansion protraction, Deep bite correction
  3. 2 Sessions of CASE REVIEWS following the Diagnostic Records Template
  4. Advanced verticalization transitioning mechanics
  5. Implementing anchorage systems
  6. Anterior open bites
  7. Class III correction mechanics
  8. Managing the “Orthopedic Matrix” on the Optimized NM Trajectory.
Doctors are encourage to bring 1 or 2 in progress ortho cases (not required) for round table group presentation following OC Ortho presentation protocol.  Input and feedback will be provided to give direction and support to case diagnosis and treatment.  Doctors will view and review each others cases to evaluate treatment diagnostic static and dynamic records including CMS, EMG and ESG records, orthodontic diagnosis, treatment plan, method of sequencing mechanics, thought process as well as types of appliances (removable and fixed) used to meet the treatment goals and objectives at the next level.

TESTIMONIALS: What Other Doctors said about OC Ortho 3

"I just spent the weekend with 9 amazing people who were at Ortho III. 6 students, Joe Liwag from JML Dental  Laboratory, and of course Clayton and Jane Chan. The system that Dr Chan has developed to replace the orthotic with the patient's teeth is so clever, so precise, and so understandable that I can't wait to get to work tomorrow. It astonishes me that one person, Clayton Chan can figure all this stuff out. We learned techniques that allow us to maintain the optimized bite throughout treatment. Only a few people in the world know how to do this. I don't know any University trained orthodontists who think this type of treatment is even possible. I am so grateful that everyone involved with Occlusion Connections is so amazing." - Roger Anderson, D.D.S., Seattle, WA (Levels 1, 5, Ortho 1 and 2) 

"Ortho 3 was an amazing course with top notch doctors in an intimate setting.  Time was well spent on analyzing cases and treatment planning.  I thought doing NM ortho is cutting away the orthotic and erupting teeth.  But there is verticalization and there is GNM VERTICALIZATION steps for specific category.  That page alone worth the whole course, ......  In fact, I spent the whole afternoon reviewing the course manual, after arriving home.  There are many nuances to pay attention to in order not to lose sight of the trajectory.  As always, it is always a pleasure to reconnect with old friends and make new friends." - Hoa Nguyen, D.D.S., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (Levels 1-7, Ortho 1 and 2)

"It was an incredible course.  I am amazed that just when I think I have heard it all, Clayton manages to present something from a slightly different point of view that stimulates all sorts of new thoughts and ideas. I also want to thank everyone for making this course another amazing experience....
I have been to all the courses and have never been disappointed.  I walk away each time with my head full of new thoughts.  OC is simply the best place to learn occlusion concepts that will enable the doctor to truly help their patients." - Greg Yount, D.M.D., Mattoon, IL, (Level 1-7, Ortho 1 and 2)

"Holy GNM trajectory, Batman! Gotham and anyone interested in orthodontics should hereby take notice! If you are a GP who is either doing some ortho having been trained elsewhere OR are not doing ortho (yet) and are wondering if it's really viable for you to do your own tooth movement OR you want to understand what the specialist is doing (or not doing) OR you're an orthodontist who either encounters (now and again) some challenges with cases like excessive mobility, facial pain, joint issues or patient complaints that aren't resolving during therapy. ...(that's a lot of "OR's", I know).... the OC Ortho courses along with OC Level 1-4 are (4) incredibly powerful classes that will lead to greater patient success,  greater professional and personal fulfillment not to mention increased income stream and future referrals!  Imagine learning in an intimate setting with anywhere from 6-12 colleagues, high quality audio- visual displays, an easy-to-read,  well-referenced compilation of text, tables, graphics and photos to follow along in your notebook during lecture and serve as a continual resource back at the office, snacks and a delicious healthy all-you-can-eat lunch, hands-on demonstrations at every level course,  access to a Forum of like-minded doctors to discuss cases and bounce ideas around, the opportunity to ask questions at any time to insure your understanding of the material and professional contacts and comradery.... it's almost to much to ask for from a CE course!

Dr and Mrs Chan are the most gracious and talented dental professional duo I have encountered in 25 years of dentistry. Going the extra mile to host your visit to Vegas and insuring that you leave satisfied with the quality and content of each course. ...there simply are not enough adjectives to express the warmth,  the genuineness and the honesty with which they conduct themselves and treat each participant. If any of us thinks we know Ortho, I assure you there is still much to learn and if you thought you knew gnathology, occlusion and neuromuscular concepts. .... well,  there is a little bit more or there to learn." - Bruce Greenstein, D.M.D., Pinecrest, FL (Level 1-4, Ortho 1 and 2) 

"Just got back from Ortho 3 and Clayton saved his best for the last class of the year! Just when you think he can't make another huge, info-filled, excellent manual, all of his late night and exhausting work pays off again! Wow! To see how simply his sophisticated process can be done by all of us is so helpful and encouraging. What a benefit to us and our patients! If you have been considering pursuing Ortho, the time is now and Clayton's course is what you need. You and your patients will be glad you did. So great to see how well the other Ortho OC docs are doing with what Clayton has so graciously shared with us in Ortho 1-3! And Biomimetic as well :)
Thank you Clayton and Jane for all of your time and effort and the way you care for all of the OC family." - Jon Caulfield, D.D.S., Littleton, CO (Levels 1, 2 Ortho 1 and 2)

"...from a personal experience, I went into it with much reservation, because it is an inconvenience to a restorative minded dentist, and it requires a change of gear sorta speaking... however, it has come to be an integral part of my practice now and has grown every year. Coincidentally, I have increased my fees for it every year. 
Clayton's system is really straight forward and simplified, I know, as I had other training before and I felt that much of the others spend a great amount of time scaring me about what I did not know, what I realized is that they are the ones missing the main thing, the jaw position. So then they have to come up with all kinda crazy mechanics to over come what we do naturally with our bites...We do what they can't...and in the process make our patients healthier than what they were when they walked in. 
Go for it, its is the natural progression to what we have started." - Hamid Nassery, D.M.D., FICOI
Miami Beach, Fl (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Ortho 1 and 2)

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